In 2009 I moved to New York with the intention of recording an album. With no record label backing me or funds to finance the recordings, I sold my Stockholm apartment and rented a flat overlooking the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I setup a simple but potent studio and waited for inspiration, just to realize that I couldn’t expect to come fresh out of Stockholm and suddenly start making my “new york album.” Instead, I had to spend time in the city, walk up and down streets and avenues, find my favorite spots, get bored, feel lonely, spend rainy days at home etc. All this was needed so that I could get past the stage of being a mere tourist, and gradually develop an honest, poetic connection with my new habitat. Then, as a natural groove slowly evolved, an album started to form. Across The Never is the organically creative result of leaving home, facing the unknown and daring to pursue a vision without control over the end result. The film clip consists of my own smartphone footage when walking home on a weekend.



Isle of I is a chapter in ‘Across The Never’ – An album written, performed, recorded & produced by Krister Linder on 178 Norfolk Street # 16 – L.E.S. Manhattan / New York, mixed together with Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studio / Los Angeles & mastered by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Mastering / Stockholm. Audiovisual mashup by Razor.

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